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Agora Gallery, NY., USA.

Softly melodic yet spiritedly rhythmic compositions distinguish Estonian-born Zlata Jaanimagi’s paintings. Working primarily in oil on canvas, Jaanimagi’s brushwork is both alluring and animated, soothingly bravura and swept throughout her paintings. Though diverse in style and subject matter, these works convey a certain tranquility, emanating peace and calm to their viewers. Slightly fantastical in theme, the paintings are rooted in tangible forms and instilled with a rich, playful whimsy. Jaanimagi uses a cool palette, with colors that contrast in a transfixing alchemy which radiates into not only two-dimensional spaces, but our three-dimensional spaces as well. While the artist’s inspiration comes from her own psyche, she finds stimulation in her viewers’ reactions to her work. “Watching people’s reactions to my paintings is wonderful, because they are all very different but always positive,” explains Jaanimagi. “Everyone sees what he/she wants to see and it inspires me to new ideas.”
Artistic as a child, Zlata Jaanimagi traveled to St. Petersburg to study film and theater directing. With extensive experience in art direction, she now lives in Stockholm and is devoted to painting.

​© Copyright by Zlata Jaanimägi 2023. All rights reserved.


In all of my paintings I express myself completely, and the process leaves me feeling absolutely light, free and open to something new and beautiful.


I like to experiment with colors, shapes and mix different art styles.

The unusual aspect of my work is that some of my paintings can form different images when combined together and some of them are three-dimensional.


My paintings have positive energy, which makes them easy to relate to, but at the same time each one is based around a central, often complex idea that springs from my own inner

feelings, my state of mind and my fantasies, dreams and illusions.


Although the brushstrokes are dynamic, with a strong rhythm and contrast of colours, they are never aggressive, instead carrying peace, calm and love of life with them like an aura.


​There is no art without fantasy.

Well, I am an artist and painting is my creativity.

Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden.

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